ICC AirMax VS™ Connector System

Amphenol ICC

fci_airmaxpower75x75.jpgAirMax VS™ Power Connectors
These connectors address customer requirements for increased current-carrying capacity between the backplane and daughtercards in chassis systems. The right-angle daughtercard connectors are available with either 1x2 or 2x2 contact configurations per 12mm module. (View More)

ICC AirMax VS™ 3-Pair Beckplane ConnectorsAirMax VS™ 3-Pair Backplane Connectors
ICC announced that the AirMax VS™ 3-pair backplane connector system meets the mid-plane connector interface requirements defined in the previously released Storage Bridge Bay (SBB), Version 2.0 specification
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AirMax VS™ High-Speed Shieldless ConnectorsAirMax VS™ High-Speed Shieldless Connectors
Increasing the AirMax VS™ connector’s column spacing to 3.00mm (from 2.00mm) enables system designers to route high-speed signals using only two layers in their PC board backplanes and daughtercards, with a corresponding reduction in cost.
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AirMax VS™ BGA ConnectorsAirMax VS™ BGA Connectors
Combining its revolutionary shieldless AirMax VS™ design with its proven BGA connector technology, ICC has developed a connector that, with the BGA attachment option, will allow designers to optimize footprint, via and routing options.
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fci_fp_75x75.jpgAirMax VS™ 85-ohm Connectors
ICC is expanding the application range of its popular AirMax VS® high-performance connector system with the addition of connectors that are optimized to minimize impedance discontinuities and unacceptable signal loss when inserted in 85-ohm channels.
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The AirMax VS™ connector system allows backplane system designers the freedom to rethink the way products are designed. Based on a radical design concept, AirMax VS™ (Virtual Shield) connectors eliminate the need for interleaving ground shields by using air as a highly efficient dielectric. The real beauty of the AirMax VS™ connector system lies in the flexibility it gives board layouts. While the initial product offering is based on 2.00mm IMLA centerlines, wider spacings that help simplify signal routing are possible, by producing a housing that holds the IMLAs further apart.

The scalability of the AirMax VS™ connector solution means that backplane systems currently designed for 3.125Gb/s to 6.5Gb/s operation can be upgraded to 12.5Gb/s operation without redesigning the basic platform. At such speeds the AirMax VS™ connector, IMLA demonstrates exceptionally low insertion loss and cross talk characteristics. AirMax VS™ connectors are generally used in data, datacom and telecommunications equipment such as servers & enterprise switches.

Recipient of Electronic Design 2012 Best Electronic Design Award!


  • A full set of building blocks for backplane, co-planar, mezzanine, and cable-to-board applications in Hard Metric building practices
  • Innovative edge-coupling technology and air dielectric between adjacent conductors deliver lowest insertion loss and crosstalk
  • High-speed serial data rates can scale from 2.5 Gb/s to beyond 12 Gb/s without requiring redesign of a basic platform
  • Opposed dual-beam receptacle contact structure provides high reliability
  • Contains no interleaving shields reducing connector weight, cost and PCB routing complexity.
  • Lead-free and RoHS-compatible options are available


  • Servers, Storage
  • IP router, switches & gateways
  • Enterprise routers
  • Base Stations
  • ATCA™ zone 3
  • Medical and test equipment