Millipacs® Vertical Headers

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Millipacs® is a 2.00 mm modular board to board or cable to board Interconnection system in Hardmetric configuration designed in accordance with IEC 917 and IEC 61076-4- 101 and Telcordia GR-1217-CORE standards.

ICC offers Millipacs® Hardmetric vertical headers in standard signal modules of 5 (+2) row and 8 (+2) row. 5 row range: Type A, B, B19, B22, AB, AB19, AB22, C, CR are available with 55 and upto max.125 signal contacts per 50mm. 8 row range : Type D,DE,E,F,FR are available with 88 and up to max. 200 signal contacts per 50 mm. CompactPCI Connectors are available for Types A, B22, B19,AB22, and AB19. Pin layout configurations are available to support compact PCI modules for standard form factors.

Vertical header, when mated with Right Angle Receptacle, is suitable for data rate up to 3Gbps and when mated with vertical receptacle is suitable for data rate up to 5Gbps.

This is telecom industry’s most popular backplane connector system. It is particularly known for its cost effectiveness and user flexibility. Plus, the broad range offers attractive propositions for all market segments.


  • Modular system with 5+2 row and 8+2 row high density connectors 
  • Hard metric board and cable connector offering 
  • Extended functionalities: staggered contacts, shielding, keying, guiding, power and coax inserts, shrouds. 
  • High density connections. 
  • Compact PCI


  • Switches 
  • Base Stations 
  • Embedded Computers 
  • Medical Testing Equipment 
  • PLCs