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ICC Power Distribution Systems are based on laminated bus bars and plates that provide predictable performance and repeatable accuracy. From simple to complex power distribution requirements, ICC can design a system that saves space, lowers cost and provides pluggable modularity to allow equipment expansion and changeovers.

ICC Power Distribution Systems are engineered for easy connectivity. ICC's expertise and wide selection of connectors and cable assemblies makes it fast and easy to connect power to backplanes and boards, while bus components are matched to your physical system for easy installation and maximum space efficiency.


Cost Effective

  • Fewer conductors can feed multiple outputs, optimizing available cabinet space.
  • Integrates functional components related to the power distribution such as breakers, switches, connectors and cables.
  • Enables quick and easy installation into the cabinet. When feeding multiple devices with a common voltage, a bus bar is more economical than standard wiring.

Mechanical Properties

  • Rigid prefabricated construction, high durability, quick & easy maintenance, requires less space than wire harness, adapted connection technology and cost effective installation.

Electrical Properties

  • High voltage distribution with low voltage drop, low characteristic impedance, low inductance, reduced noise levels and improved EMI/RFI characteristics.

Thermal Advantages

  • Bus bar inherently generate less heat (voltage loss) than traditional cables. Moreover, due to their geometry, bus bars are also better at dissipating heat than cables.



  • Base stations
  • telecommunication switches
  • PBX Telco Switch


  • Data processing solutions
  • Storage systems
  • Routers
  • Servers
  • Workstations


  • All applications
  • Motors
  • Railways
  • Airplanes