Low Profile Subscriber Interface

Amphenol ICC
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ICC's Low Profile Subscriber Input-Output (I/O) System is a fully developed line of cable connectors, printed circuit board (PCB) connectors and cable assemblies that support the connection of signals and power for DSL subscriber accounts.

This dual system uses separate power and signal connectors to conserve space in three dimensions while providing the optimal electrical and mechanical performance required for this special application.

The compact mechanical design conserves printed circuit board real estate and fits perfectly into systems with daughter cards arranged on 20mm card slot pitch, making the Low Profile Subscriber I/O System ideal for space-constrained applications.


  • Versatile, turnkey system designed especially for subscriber connection applications
  • SIGNAL connectors have 24 contacts on 2.00mm pitch. PCB headers the use minimal space of 16mm
  • POWER connectors have 2 contacts on 2.54mm pitch. PCB headers the use minimal space of 20mm
  • Custom pin assignments are available to achieve vey low cross-talk performance for vDSL applications
  • Power cable connector design employs two additional first-mate/last-break sacrificial contacts to prevent arcing to the primary contacts and enable "hot" mating
  • 35 degree angled cable exits provide easy cable routing
  • Dual-metal PV® power contacts and dual-beam signal contacts maximize durability and optimize reliability
  • Integral screw hardware fastens connectors together to prevent accidental un-mating
  • Polarized design prevents mis-mating
  • RoHS compliant


  • Communications
  • aDSL Networks
  • vDSL Networks
  • Wireless base stations