D-Subminiature Power Connectors

Amphenol ICC

ICC, a leading developer of connectors and interconnect systems, has expanded its line of power I/O solutions with the development of the D-Subminiature Power Connectors. The D-Subminiature Power Connector range is a standard interface widely used in many market segments. ICC offers connector options that accommodate either all power or mixed power and signal contacts. The connector form factors are directly inspired by those of the traditional D-subminiature signal connectors, long used as standard I/O connectors in many types of electronic equipment. The power connectors are also principally used for I/O solutions because of their robust and shielding design.

The product family includes many versions, all using standard metal shell dimensions, providing great flexibility to the system design engineer.

All power contacts:
2V2 (2 power contacts, coded version), 3V3 (3 power contacts coded version), 3W3 (3 power contacts), 5W5 (5 power contacts), and 8W8 (8 power contacts).

Mixed signal and power contacts: 5W1 (5 contacts of which 1 power and 4 signal contacts), 11W1, 7W2, 21W1, 17W2, 13W3, 9W4, 25W3, 21WA4, 27W2, 47W1, 24W7, and 36W4.


PCB Connectors

  • Both socket and pin genders
  • Right-angle and straight versions
  • Traditional solder-to-board or press-fit termination
  • Pin-in-Paste (PIP) can be offered on request
  • Right-angle connectors can be provided with connector heights and footprints that conform to either European version (stand-off 7.2mm and pitch
  • 2.54mm) or U.S. version (stand off 6.3mm and pitch 2.84mm) requirements

Cable Connectors

  • Both socket and pin genders
  • Signal solder bucket contacts are pre-assembled in the connector
  • Power contacts are sold and assembled separately in solder bucket or crimp versions
  • Large choice of plastic, metalized plastic and metal hoods with straight or angled cable exits
  • Bus bars inherently generate less heat (voltage loss) than traditional cables; better at dissipating heat than cables


  • Telecommunications
  • Instrumentation/Industrial
  • Medical
  • Datacom