BergStak® 0.8mm Pitch Board-Stacking Connector

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ICC’s compact BergStak® 0.8mm pitch connector series offers a wide range of stack heights and circuit sizes to support a various range of mezzanine, boardstacking applications. The connectors are available in sizes 40 through 200 positions in increments of 20 positions. The available stack heights range from 5mm to 16mm in increments of 1mm. Options for wider board spacing provide clearance for taller board-mounted components or increased air flow for cooling. Connector polarization at the mating interface, and ample-lead-in angles, produce easy repeatable mating. All connectors in the BergStak® 0.8mm product family feature a robust blade-on-beam contact design at the mating interface and surface-mount termination at the PCB interface. RoHS compatible connectors are available. The module cards can use a 120-position plug connector to interface with a corresponding receptacle connector on the baseboard. By selecting connectors that provide 8mm board-to-board spacing, the top of the add-in module will fit within typical pedestal or rack servers without intruding into component "keep-out" spaces.

ICC has successfully demonstrated the BERGSTAK® 0.8mm mezzanine connectors’ capability to support PCI Express* 3.0 signaling at 8 GT/s, effectively doubling the data throughput that PCI Express 3.0 provides over its predecessor. The wide spectrum of circuit sizes and stack heights allows this connector family to support evolving designs and mechanical requirements in a variety of board-stacking applications.

BergStak® connectors can be supplied in tubes or in tape-on-reel for automated placement. An optional cover provides sufficient area for pickup with a vacuum nozzle.


  • IP65/67 
  • Offers an extensive range of stack heights and circuit sizes to support a wide range of mezzanine, boardstacking applications 
  • Available in sizes from 40 to 200 positions in increments of 20 positions 
  • Stack heights range from 5mm to 16mm 
  • Connector polarization produces easily repeatable mating 
  • Features a robust blade-on-blade-beam contact design 
  • Provides additional clearance


  • Pedestal/Rack Servers 
  • Thermal Management Issues 
  • Mezzanine/Boardstacking