AirMax VS™ System with BGA Termination

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ICC combined the revolutionary shieldless AirMax VS™ design with its proven BGA connector technology. ICC AirMax Vs™ BGA connectors allow designers to lower the impedance through the footprint by reducing the signal reflection. The AirMax VS™ BGA connector eliminates the need for a metal shield resulting in a less cumbersome, lighter connector with fewer termination points, so the AirMax VS™ BGA connector is easier for manufacturers to process.

“Adding BGA termination to the AirMax VS™ system allows us to continue evolving the true flexibility and versatility of high speed backplane connectors. The Airmax VS™ BGA signal receptacle allows smaller vias on the backplane, as well as the application of blind or buried vias and vertical and horizontal routing.“
John Burkett, Product Manager, ICC

The ICC AirMax VS™ connector system utilizes air as the dielectric between the adjacent conductors, offering high speed computing and networking system designers high signal density and the industry's lowest insertion loss and crosstalk without the use of costly and space-consuming metal shields. The Insert Molded Leadframe Assembly (IMLA) utilized in AirMax VS™ connectors enables the same connector to be used for Differential Pair, Single-Ended or Power Signals. AirMax VS™ connectors allow systems to migrate from 2.5Gb/s to 25Gb/s without necessitating redesign of the basic platform. The AirMax VS™ BGA termination will maximize the use of advanced PCB manufacturing techniques by utilizing buried and micro-vias, as well as reducing or eliminating the need for backdrilling, reducing layer count and applied cost.


  • Backplace BGA attach 
  • Enables minimum through via size 
  • Optimize footprint and routing options 
  • Orthogonal routing options 
  • Maximize the use of advanced PCB manufacturing techniques by utilizing buried and micro-vias 
  • Optimize or eliminate backdrilling 
  • Reduce layer count and applied cost 
  • Backwards compatible with AirMax VS™ press fit connectors


  • Servers 
  • Telecommunications Switching Equipment 
  • Storage Devices 
  • Routers 
  • Base Stations 
  • Embedded Computers 
  • Medical 
  • Instrumentation