Press-Fit, Card Edge MicroTCA™ Connectors

Amphenol ICC
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Amphenol ICC, one of the leading suppliers of connectors and interconnect systems, has developed press-fit, card edge connectors to enable the implementation of MicroTCA™ (µTCA) architecture. The vertical card edge connectors provides 170 contacts on 0.75mm pitch and enable AMCTM cards to be plugged directly to a backplane, accommodating speeds up to 10Gb/s.

"Amphenol ICC can now provide press-fit MicroTCA™ connectors in addition to our established surface-mount offering," said Rob Poort, Global Market Manager, Amphenol ICC. "Both connector versions are compatible with the PCB connector footprints defined in the MicroTCA™ specification, and customers can choose the termination option that best suits their systems design and manufacturing preferences."

The press-fit version of the connectors extends the user of MicroTCA™ architecture to thicker backplanes where the size and complexity of the backplane is not supported by standard surface mount (SMT) reflow soldering processes. As backplanes become thicker and larger, proven press-fit technologies are often preferred, while applications with smaller and less complex backplanes allow for the more cost-effective application of SMT connectors. ICC connectors are in full compliance with the MicroTCA™ specification. The press-fit version accommodates application on very large and thick backplanes, and the SMT version is very well suited for application on smaller backplanes using a conventional SMT reflow soldering process. Metal retention clips on the SMT connectors provide additional mechanical strength after soldering.


  • Enable the implementation of MicroTCA™ (µTCA) architecture
  • Provides 170 contacts on 0.75mm pitch
  • Enable AMCTM cards to be plugged directly to a backplane
  • Accommodates speeds up to 10Gb/s


  • Core Routers
  • IP Gateways
  • Base Stations
  • Switching Centers
  • Customer Premises Equipment