2.54mm Flexible Clincher™

Amphenol ICC
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The ICC Clincher™ connector includes features that optimize reliability at both the termination and disconnect interfaces. “Clinch” cable termination produces gas-tight, contamination-free connections to each conductor. The receptacle connectors utilize FCI’s proven and highly-reliable Mini PV™ contact design. Complementary shrouded PCB headers provide options for latching and proper connector alignment. Contacts are pre-loaded to connector housings enabling mass termination to unprepared cable. The ICC Clincher™ connector mass termination design accelerates cable assembly processes and reduces costs.

The original ICC Clincher™ connectors continue to be available in two through 32 positions in both pin and receptacle versions (product series 66226 for pin assemblies or series 65801 for receptacle assemblies). Choose from standard tin or optional gold plating. The Clincher™ is pre-assembled for mass termination which allows lowest applied cost. The latching Clincher™ uses the same customer-preferred and patented Clincher™ contact as our existing products and is a great fit for applications where shock and vibration are concerns.


  • The new Clincher™ with active latch and polarization keys has been narrowed to mate with all industry standard shrouded headers.
  • Provides protection against accidental un-mating from shock or vibration.
  • The Clincher™ is pre-assembled for mass termination that allows for the lowest applied cost.
  • Available in six through 34 positions


  • Appliances and White Goods
  • Membrane Switches & Electronic Displays
  • Industrial Equipment and Instrumentation
  • Medical Equipment
  • POS Equipment
  • Automotive Electronics