DDR2 Memory Connector

Amphenol ICC
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ICC DDR2 Memory Connector is available with solder tail options that support use on 1.58mm (.062") to 2.36mm (.093") thick motherboards, while press-fit options extend use to thicker motherboards. “Lead-free” options are available for both connector termination types to aid compliance with lead elimination initiatives. All connectors provide mechanical voltage keying and end latches for module retention and ejection. The latch towers at the ends if the connector provide angled lead-in ramps and slots that aid module alignment, and ICC's low insertion force socket design provides easy installation of memory modules in desktop computers, servers and workstations. Insertion force is typically less than 22 pounds for our socket design. The through-mount connector versions provide options for molded orientation posts or metal forklocks to provide retention prior to soldering. Connectors can be supplied in black, blue, or any of six other available resin colors. The press-fit connectors feature a molded orientation post and are available with either black or blue connector bodies. The press-fit connectors also offer an option for translucent latches that can be used in combination with LEDs to provide a visual indication of slot status. Samples are available for delivery, with production lead times from stock to 6 weeks. 


  • Support of Various DDR standard modules: DDR, DDR2, DDR3 
  • 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.00mm and 1.27mm pitch 
  • Multiple pin count and contact pitches available to support most common industry standard form factors 
  • Low profile and very low profile versions to support applications requiring low seating height 
  • SMT, TMT and PF versions available


  • Servers 
  • Workstations 
  • Desktop and Notebook PC's 
  • Routers and Switches 
  • Base Stations 
  • Embedded Systems