Latch-N-Lok™ I/O Connector System

Amphenol ICC
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The ICC Latch-N-Lok™ USB+Power connector combines standard USB contacts with additional power contacts to provide an extra 5 amps of current-carrying capacity beyond the standard 1 amp of traditional USB. This eliminates the need for an independent power supply on most peripheral devices. This reduces space and removes a potential point of system failure. The USB+Power system with Latch-N-Lok™ meets requirements for USB 2.0 for data transmission speeds. Board-mounted receptacles are available in both standard through-hole and mid-board options. The USB+Power receptacle also mates with a standard USB 'A' plug for devices not requiring additional power.


  • Connectors are available with varying color and mechanical keying to denote voltage levels of 5V, 12V, and 24V
  • The Latch-N-Lok™ system used as the 'B' end of a USB+Power cable features a quick connect system that ensures positive latching with an audible click
  • The highly reliable design has the ICC Mini PV receptacle contacts mating to phosphor bronze .025" square pin contacts in single and double row 0.1" pitch configurations
  • This design guarantees correct assembly, as well as high-speed serial data transmission


  • Inventory Management
  • Retail Scanning
  • Industrial Processing
  • Gaming Devices