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The ICC Metral® Connector Cable Assemblies data sheet 950511-039 and the new Metral® Connector Cable Designer Kit 950511-040 are two informational tools available at TTI, Inc.

The Metral® Connector Cable Assemblies Data Sheet (950511-039) shows product differentiation, target markets/applications, features/benefits, and technical information. Product information includes a part number guide to standard cable connector kits and right angle PCB connectors for customers who do not want to connect to standard backplane connectors. Other Metral® Cable connectors are also introduced.

The Metral® Connector Cable Assemblies Designer Kit (950511-040) provides all the connector components and accessories needed to build prototype Metral® Connector Cable Assemblies. These components include, connector sub-assemblies, covers, latches, and cable ties for assembling four or five row connectors. Right angle connectors are also included for customers not connecting to standard backplane connectors.