Metral® Coplanar Power Modules

Amphenol ICC
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ICC Metral® Coplanar Power Modules can be used in zone 3 to interface between a front board and rear transition module (RTM) in an AdvancedTCA system. The compact Metral® coplanar modules occupy only 12 mm along the card edge and are designed for press-fit termination. The Metral® Coplanar power modules require no additional PCB-retention hardware and are functional building blocks in the Metral® modular backplane interconnect system. All the connectors are designed in accordance with IEC 61076-4-104 standards.

Each five-row module provides ten stamped-and-formed power contacts. The headers employ a blade contact structure, and the corresponding receptacle connectors utilize dual-beam contacts. An individual power blade is rated for 3A (Amperes) nominal continuous currents, with currents applied to all contacts, providing 30A current-carrying capacity. The maximum current rating for each power blade contact is 4A at 20°C and 2.75A at 70°C.


  • Offers designers greater versatility, high density, and the proven quality of FCI's extended 2mm connecting solutions 
  • Designed in accordance with IEC 61076-4-104 standards 
  • Compact modules occupy only 12mm along the card edge 
  • Designed for press-fit termination


  • Datacomm 
  • Industrial 
  • Futurebus+ Telecom