Minitek™ IDC Receptacle Strain Relief

Amphenol ICC
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Minitek™ IDC connectors are used for flat cable-to-board connections, and ICC's current offering includes shrouded headers and Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) receptacles with circuit counts spanning 4-50 contact positions. This new series of strain relief components provides additional retention force for more robust cable attachment and better protection of the IDCcontact terminations, making it ideal for applications in harsher environments, such as industrial control units. The height of the assembled strain relief and IDC receptacle, including the flat cable, is only 12.5mm, providing the lowest vertical profiles in the market. The strain relief is sold separately, allowing for installation when cable assemblies are initially manufactured or can be added later to assembled cable ends already in field use.


  • Low profile strain relief for use with its line of Minitek 2.00mm pitch IDCcable receptacles 
  • Provides additional retention force for more robust cable attachment 
  • Better protection of the IDC contact terminations 
  • Height of 12.5mm provides the lowest vertical profile in the market


  • Harsh Environments 
  • Industrial Control Units