PCI Express® x16 Card Edge Connector

Amphenol ICC
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The PCI Express card edge connector's integrated retention arm extends away from end of the connector body and includes a molded post that snaps into a notch on the bottom of the add-in card. The post is designed to engage with the "hockey stick" shaped hook defined on the bottom of the graphics card. Removal of a graphics card is facilitated by pushing the flexible arm away from the graphics card until the molded post disengages from the notch on the bottom of the card. The add-in card can then be unplugged from the x16 PCI Express card edge connector. The 10046742 connector series is RoHS compliant and is compatible with lead-free wave solder temperatures. 


  • Includes an integrated retention arm for PCI Express graphics cards 
  • Includes a molded post that snaps into the bottom of the add-in card 
  • "Hockey stick" shaped hook 
  • Latching post locking mechanism prevents the card from backing out of the connector 
  • Latching post locking mechanism protects against electrical interrupts caused by system-level shocks and vibration


  • Desktop PCs using PCI Express Technology 
  • Servers using PCI Express Technology 
  • Rack-mount Servers 
  • Pedestal Servers