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The 36-position basic bandwidth (x1) version supports a single PCI Express Lane and can be used as a direct replacement for a conventional PCI connector in desktop PCs. The higher bandwidth 4-lane and 8-lane connectors are intended for server I/O applications.

The 164-lane position x16 connector provides twice the graphics bandwidth of AGP 8x in each direction and is the ideal replacement for the AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) connector for graphics I/O. All connectors fully support PCI Express signal and power requirements, as well as the auxiliary signals at the interface between the system board and add-in card.


  • PCI Express card edge connectors are designed to accept a 1.58mm (0.062") thick add-in card 
  • A molded polarization key on the connector and corresponding notch on the add-in card prevent improper insertion 
  • Sequential mating for hot plug capability is accomplished by staggering appropriate edge fingers by 1.0mm on the add-in card 
  • Dual-row edge contacts on 1.0mm pitch are offset to form four rows of through-mount soldertails on 2.0mm pitch for easy wave soldering 
  • Connector specifiers choose from options with slip-fit orientation posts to help align connector leads to PBC through holes during placement or metal board-locks to provide connector-to-motherboard retention prior to soldering 
  • Connector versions that are compatible with lead-free soldering processes are also available


  • Desktop PCs using PCI Express technology 
  • Servers using PCI Express technology