Straddle-Mount Card Edge Connector

Amphenol ICC
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ICC straddle-mount card edge connectors' card slot is designed to accept a 1.58mm (0.062") thick add-in card. A molded polarization key on the connector and corresponding notch on the add-in card prevent improper insertion. The edge contacts are spaced on 1.0mm pitch within each row at the mating interface. Sequential mating for hot plug capability is accomplished by staggering the appropriate edge fingers by 1.0mm on the add-in card. At the rear of the connector, the contacts are formed into two rows of soldertails that straddle the edge of a 1.58mm (0.062") thick PCB. The rows of the soldertails are angled outward at the tips to provide lead-in so that the soldertails easily slip over the edge of the PCB without stubbing. A molded post engages with a slot on the edge of the host PCB to assure proper alignment of connector leads to solder pads during placement. Mounting ears on the connector help protect against soldertail damage during handling prior to soldering and also provide the option for screw-attachment to the host PCB.

Connector versions that are compatible with lead-free soldering processes are also available.


  • The connectors fully support PCI Express signal and power requirements, as well as the auxiliary signals at the interface between the system board and add-in card
  • The connector series offers 1, 4, 8 or 16 high-speed serial PCI Express lanes to match different bandwidth requirements
  • Each serial lane is comprised of differential transmit and receive signal pairs that support 2.5 Gb/s data rate in each direction
  • Connector versions are available that are compatible with lead-free soldering processes


  • Support the implementation of high-speed, serial PCI Express™ architecture in desktop PCs and servers
  • Test cards used for validation of PCI Express™ platforms
  • To facilitate connections between coplanar circuit boards