PC Card / Header Connectors

Amphenol ICC

The ICC PC Card/Header connectors are in accordance with the PCMCIA and Cardbus standard. ICC PC Card/Header connectors have various stand-off options available in addition to both single and double deck availability. The ICC PC Card/Header Connectors are also available with the eject and non eject mechanisms.The PCMCIA connectors from ICC Electronics can be broadly divided into three distinct modules - header, eject mechanism, and receptacle.

The Header Module consists of a plastic housing with two mounting holes for it to be screwed on to the printed circuit board (PCB). Pins come out of both ends of the housing. The pins from the front end of the housing are also called solder tails because they are ultimately soldered to the PCB. Mating pins, coming out of the back of the housing, are standard 68 positions (2x34) per PCMCIA. These pins mate with the PC Cards when slotted in.

The Eject Mechanism module is an option which allows the PC Card to be ejected by depressing a push button instead of having to manually pull out the PC Card. Without this, the header comes with guide rails and is offered as a complete system by itself known as a "non-eject header" module. The eject mechanism comes as a separate subsystem which is mounted to the header in a secondary operation after soldering.

The receptacle forms part of the PC Card. It has two portions, the front being the 68 sockets mating with the 68 pins from the header. The back pins, also called solder tails, are ultimately soldered to the PCB of the PC Card.  


  • CardBus PC Cards can meet high signal transmission requiring bandwidth (32 bits) and clock rate (33 MHz)
  • Suitable for type I, II, III, 3.3 and 5V Standard and CardBus PC Cards
  • Through Mount, SMT In-Line, SMT Staggered, Flex or patented SMT Vertical Transition Board versions available
  • Optional EMI metal shield cover (CardBus)


  • Notebooks, Portable PCs, Industrial PCs, Network PCs
  • Set-Top Box, Digital TV, Home Entertainment Devices
  • Switches, Routers, Remote Access Servers
  • Machine Control Systems
  • Test & Measurement Devices
  • Medical Instrumentation