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ICC's Card Edge connectors enable the use of high-speed, hot-pluggable transceiver modules that can easily be installed and removed by horizontal front-panel access. The right-angle Card Edge connectors conform to the specifications and board layouts defined by several Multi-Source Agreements (MSAs) developed by leading companies in the Telecom and Datacom industries. The MSAs provide specifications for the host connectors, cages and pluggable I/O modules used to convert board-level electrical signals to external optical or electrical signals. The 20-position right-angle Card Edge connector is designed to interface to Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) modules for Fibre Channel and Ethernet applications at data rates above 2Gb/s.

XENPAK, X2, and XPAK modules support 10 Gb/s using a four channel transmit and receive XAUI protocol and all use the 70-position right-angle Card Edge connector for the electrical interface. The XENPAK MSA addresses 10-gigabit Ethernet requirements for high-end enterprise and Telco switches. The X2 and XPAK MSAs were developed to address market requirements for a reduced form-factor XENPAK module. They also define smaller more thermally efficient modules needed for networking, LAN, WAN and SAN equipment.

The 30-position right-angle Card Edge connector is compatible with XFP modules that drive 10Gb/s data rates over a single transmit and receive pair. By eliminating the need for four-channel signaling, a module smaller than the XENPAK XAUI based MSAs can be provided to 10GigE, 10GFC, and SONET OC-192 system designers.

ICC supports all three right-angle Card Edge connector sizes and utilizes a contact design that meets or exceeds the requirements for electrical performance and reliability.


  • 0.8mm pitch connectors accept 1.0mm thick PCBs used in MSA-complaint pluggable transceiver modules
  • Available 20, 30, and 70-position sizes provide interfaces for SFP, XFP,XENPAD, X2 or XPAK modules
  • Surface mount termination
  • Excellent electrical performance to 6GHz
  • Formed contacts provides smooth contact surfaces for improved reliability


  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Network Interface Cards (NICs)
  • Host Bus Adapters (HBAs)
  • Servers
  • Storage Systems
  • Storage Controller Cards