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The SCA-2 (Single Connect Attachment-2) connector system consists of device plugs and vertical receptacles that enable the hard disk drive (HDD) to backplane interface in enterprise storage systems. The device plug resides on the HDD, while the receptacle is attached to the backplane. 40-position backplane receptacles are designed to accept Fibre Channel drives, while 80-position receptacles accept SCSI drives. The interface is governed by the Small Form Factor (SFF) standard SFF-8451.

Enhanced SCA-2 receptacle connectors also conform to the requirements of SFF-8454. Internal design enhancements and modified PCB terminations improve impedance and insertion loss and reduce crosstalk, which allow the connectors to operate at the speeds required by 4G and 8G Fibre Channel applications.

The SCA-2 connector interface utilizes high-reliability, dual-row, bland-on-beam contacts spaced on 1.27mm pitch. First-mate/last-break (FMLB) contacts provide sequential mating in accordance with SFF requirement. Robust alignment and polarization features at the drive interface allow blind-mating. Dual ESD contacts provide paths for static discharge protection.

Vertical backplane receptacles are available with 11.5mm and 17.5mm extended body heights with options for through-hole solder press-fit, or surface-mount (SMT) board termination.

Available SCA-2 device plugs are designed for straddle-mount board termination.


  • Meet requirements of SFF-8451 specification
  • Options for through-hole solder, press-fit or SMT board termination
  • Enhanced SMT receptacle meets requirements of SFF-8454 specification
  • Enhanced version improves impedance and insertion loss profiles and reduces crosstalk
  • Blade-on-beam contact design delivers high reliability
  • Molded alignment and polarization features enable blind mating
  • First-Mate-Last-Break (FMLB) contacts in accordance with SFF requirements
  • ESD contacts provide static discharge paths to prevent damage
  • Vertical receptacle range includes 11.5mm and 17.5mm body heights
  • High temperature plastic suitable for wave or reflow soldering


  • Data
    • Storage backplanes
    • External storage systems
    • Servers
    • HDDs