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Slimline SATA connectors from ICC are designed to enable connection of a “slimline” form factor drive to the Serial ATA interface. The connectors comply with the Serial ATA Specification issued by the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) and are intended for use at the electrical interface to Optical Disk Drive (ODD) systems.

The specification specially supports 9.5mm and 12.7mm slimline drives, and the connector design accommodates a latching option for these drives. Some consideration was given to an anticipated 7mm drive height, but a latching option may not be accommodated.

The connector is designed to fit the established PATA (Parallel ATA) connector slimline design with almost no changes to the slimline drive case, media tray, or internal mechanics. It is anticipated that a simple replacement of the PATA PC board with a SATA controller and connector in the present slimline drive designs may be possible.

The connector preserves the design of the signal portion of the present SATA connector and accommodates presently available SATA signal cables. Direct connect to a slimline SATA receptacle on a host board is also possible.


  • Compliant with Slimline SATA requirements in Serial ATA Specification
  • Supports Gen 1 (1.5Gb/s) and Gen 2 (3Gb/s) data rates
  • 7 contacts on 1.27mm pitch for signals
  • 6 contacts on 1mm pitch for 5V power delivery
  • High-durability design supports 500 mating cycles
  • Designed to support warm-plugging and blind-mating
  • Connector retainers provide additional mechanical strength after soldering
  • Options for screw-attachment of plug connector
  • RoHS-compliant and compatible with lead-free processing temperatures


  • Data
    • Desktop PC
    • Notebook PC
    • Optical disk drive (ODD)
  • Consumer
    • Set top box
    • Gaming equipment
    • Optical disk drive (ODD)