600V MVC Connector Series

Amphenol Industrial
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Amphenol Industrial Global Operations (AIGO) offers many products and solutions for the mining market. A hazardous industry by its very nature, mine sites must rely heavily on electrical equipment. The safe and reliable transfer of electricity throughout a site is a significant concern. When looking for the best interconnect for the job, AIGO’s MVC 600V cable coupler with “Rapid-Couple®” technology will not leave you guessing. The MVC 600V incorporates patented RADSOK® contact technology for higher amperage (20% greater than a standard contact), lower T-rise, less resistance and reduced mating forces.

The Rapid-Couple® interlock method makes for quick and easy mating and unmating. This provides for positive mating and secure fitting covers that repel water and soil while keeping the contacts uncontaminated. The MVC 600 Volt coupler has been remarkably designed with a wide range of features and benefits that makes this the coupler of choice for the mining industry and other markets.


  • Cast aluminum housing standard, other materials available
  • Components are individually replaceable/serviceable
  • Can be serviced easily in the field, equaling less downtime for repairs
  • Contact Termination: Solderless (Screw Termination)
  • Stainless steel Marine grade hardware, corrosion resistant, supplied as standard
  • Rapid-Couple® mating technology
  • Incorporates patented RADSOK® contact technology leading to 20% more current in the same size contact, while reducing mating forces
  • Engineered for performance and longevity in the harshest environments
  • Self-aligning housings
  • Includes an extra large pilot contact to reduce nuisance faults
  • Fire retardant insulators
  • Designed to meet or exceed UL 1682 / CSA 22.2 No. 182
  • Coupler mating is a one person operation without the need for expensive tools or closing mechanisms