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Amphenol Connex SMA Cable Assemblies are made with SMA connectors on both ends. SMA connectors are semi-precision, sub-miniature, high-frequency connectors that offer reliable broadband performance.

Amphenol Connex offers SMA assemblies using both flexible and semi-rigid (hand conformable) cable types. SMA assemblies on Semi- Rigid cable are DC to 18 GHz and assemblies using flexible cable perform up to 12.4 GHz, (this varies by cable type), with both cable types offering low reflection and constant 50 Ohm impedance. SMA connectors feature a thread-on interface that offers high mechanical strength, high durability and low VSWR.

These cable assemblies are dimensioned in inches with standard lengths of 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, and 48 inches, and custom lengths may also be available. Heat shrink representation may vary. Conformable/semi rigid assemblies have no heat shrink tubing.