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Amphenol RF
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Amphenol RF PSMP connectors are the perfect solution for board-to-board applications requiring high power. With a minimum board spacing of 12.6 mm, the three-piece design allows maximum flexibility for high-density board spacing, and is an ideal solution for blindmate situations.

PSMP connectors are the best combination of SMPs and SMAs. They are compact, board-to-board designs capable of high-performance and high-frequency. The PSMP has the exact same PCB footprint as the SMP, allowing for easy conversion of applications for higher power handling.


  • High Frequency operation up to 10 GHz 
  • 200 W @ 2.2GHz continuous power 
  • 12.6 mm minimum board spacing 
  • Axial misalignment: +/- 1 mm 
  • Snap-on coupling


  • Base Stations 
  • Radios 
  • Filters 
  • Amplifiers 
  • Handheld Radio