SMA & N-Type Low Loss Cable Connectors

Amphenol RF
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Low Loss cables incorporate additional shielding in the form of a bonded foil conductor, which helps to improve grounding. Low Loss cables and the newly optimized connectors are matched to 50 Ohm impedance, allowing for maximum and reliable signal transfer.

New SMA and N-Type connectors are available in straight jack, bulkhead jack, right angle plug and straight plug configurations. These connectors feature a crimp outer attachment using standard hex crimp sizes, allowing for quick and secure connections. The redesigned SMA and N-Type connectors provide consistent electrical performance at high frequencies and feature improved grounding for more stable RF performance.

Amphenol RF SMA and N-Type Low Loss cable connectors are ideal for applications requiring high reliability and low signal loss. Common applications include telecommunication networks, antennas, wireless systems, and broadband communications.


  • Telecom 
  • Wireless 
  • Antennas 
  • Broadband Communications