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The Mini BNC connector series offers the high performance and wide compatibility of the original Amphenol 75 Ω BNCs. However, the Mini-BNC has a higher connector density. Specifically, 40% more interconnects in the same area. 

Furthermore, the Mini BNC series expands on the SMB and SMZ system. Mini BNCs provide a positive locking bayonet system whereas SMB and SMZ have no locking feature. In addition, the Mini BNC is specifically designed to be a drop-in replacement and used with the Telco DS3 application. 

The Mini BNC is compatible with the present field installer tooling and strip dimensions.


  • Same positive lock as BNC
  • 40% smaller than standard BNC
  • Crimp/Crimp design
  • Uses standard field installer tooling
  • Drop in replacement


  • Network routing/switching
  • Telco Central Office
  • DS3/DS4
  • Broadcast
  • Digital Video
  • HDTV