Circular Connectors C 16-L

Amphenol Tuchel
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C16-L connectors are based on C16-3 housing size 2 with 5 poles and were developed especially for 3-phase solar inverters. The connectors are designed for up to 50A/600V and offer an optional locking mechanism to avoid unintended release. The screw contacts support a fast and easy assembly in the field. Wire gauge is up to 8,3mm2 (AWG 8). Another advantage is the compact design with a diameter of only 43mm that allows a comfortable handling of the connector.


  • 4 + PE for screw termination
  • Up to 50A (at +40°C) and 600V
  • Bayonet locking
  • IP65 when locked
  • Wire gauges 2.5mm² - 8.3mm² / AWG 14 – 8
  • For cable diameter of 11-20mm
  • UV resistant
  • Optional locking mechanism
  • VDE approval


  • HVAC
  • Agriculture
  • Lighting
  • Solar
  • Harsh Environments