Amphenol Commercial Products’ line of D-Sub rack and panel connectors is part of an industry standard for applications requiring reliable, rugged connectors. Amphenol’s D-Sub connectors can be found in a variety of markets such as commercial, industrial or military applications. With one of the largest selections of D-Sub connectors, Amphenol is sure to have a configuration that will meet any of your design needs.

Amphenol’s D-Sub connectors come in a variety of variations including solder cup, straight and right angle PC mount solder, wire wrap, crimp, high density right angle and straight, stacked right angle PC mount, and surface mount. There are five shell sizes, giving engineers a wide choice of contact positions – 9 to 50 in standard density and 25 to 78in high density and a wide range of Coax, Signal and Power combination options. Inserts are flame-retardant thermoplastic and automatic and manual tooling is available for both crimp and IDC versions. Amphenol cable assemblies are available in every major D-Sub configuration along with a variety of accessories.

• Broad Range of Configurations
• Rugged and Reliable
• Cost-competitive

CoolPower® D-sub Connectors

The LCC17 series connectors utilize the same front shells, rear shells and mounting features found on standard D-sub connectors, which means they are fully interchangable on a PCB, panel or cable assembly. This allows users to upgrade to a higher performance solution without a costly re-design. Male and female LCC17 series connectors are designed to be used together.

Dual Port D-sub Connectors

Designed to save PC board space, Amphenol’s dual port “D” provides two input output connectors in a minimal amount of boardspace. These connectors are available with various stacking options: same gender, mixed gender and multiple pin counts.

The Hybrid Combo D-sub Connectors

This economic series, first developed from our military series, has improved features including new contacts, high-temperature black housings, pre-loaded fixed contacts for PCB terminations, and pre-loaded fixed solder cup contacts for cable terminations. A complete range of standard power and coaxial contacts are available for these connectors.

Press-fit D-sub Connectors

The TF series of solderless straight PCB mount D-sub connectors feature highly reliable compliant pin contacts.These standard density connectors are available in 9 through 37 positions, with various mounting and plating options.

The SMT D-sub Connectors

Boardlock features include LIF (Low Insertion Force) and ZeFo (Zero Force Insertion). LIF boardlocks are specially designed to be fully compatible with pick and place machines. ZeFo boardlocks, once placed and expanded, provide safe and secure locking.