CX4 InfiniBand Cables

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New Amphenol 1m (3.3ft) Lead-Free CX4 cables feature high performance 28 AWG Spectra-Strip SkewClear® wire and Fujitsu MicroGigaCN™ SFF-8470 latch connectors for minimal crosstalk and insertion loss. Amphenol 10-Gigabit Ethernet CX4 cable assemblies exceed InfiniBand and CX4 standards requirements and have been qualified to perform at 5G DDR InfiniBand and 10GbE-CX4 data rates (20Gb/s over 4 channels). Our 1m CX4 Cable is a guaranteed drop-in replacement for ANY competitor's comparable length CX4 or InfiniBand cable.


  • New Version 2.0 Lead-Free PCB Design Offers Superior Performance.
  • Drop-In Replacement for ALL Competing OEM CX4 Cables
  • Amphenol 8-pair Spectra-strip SkewClear® 28 AWG wire construction
  • SFF-8470 InfiniBand latch type 4x Fujitsu Micro Giga CN™ connectors