Low Profile EMI Filtered Connectors

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API’s Spectrum Control brand of Series 500 are cost effective, highly reliable EMI filtered D-subminiature connectors that feature a .318" footprint for 90 degree PCB connectors and a low profile housing on straight PCB connectors. Series 500 filtered D-subs are “drop-in” replacements for standard unfiltered D-sub connectors.

The ability of these connectors to achieve EMI filtering within the smaller footprint is the result of technical advances in ceramic capacitors. Series 500 connectors use tubular capacitors for high performance EMI filtering. Quality features for these connectors include board lock mounting, metal front shells and gold plated contacts.

Series 500 capacitive filtered D-sub connectors are an ideal solution to FCC/EC/VCCI emissions problems. These connectors are designed to protect equipment from external EMI noise and eliminate system glitches.


• Drop-in” replacements for unfiltered D-subminiatures
• Compact design, featuring .318" footprint
• Tubular feed-through capacitors provide filtering superior to on-board components
• Ground plane design provides EMI shielding
• Full interchangeability; based on MIL-C-24308
• Each connector position is tested 100% for critical electrical parameters to ensure consistent performance
• Insulators are UL recognized UL94-V0m flammability rated
• 9, 15 and 25 shell sizes
• Available with board lock feature and 4-40 mounting threads
• Selective filtering available
• UL/CSA approved
• Greater than 40 dB filtering up through 1 GHz without resonances
• Bi-directional control of EMI at the I/O ports


• Personal computers
• Industrial process equipment
• Graphics workstations
• PBX telecommunications equipment
• Cellular base stations and medical electronics