High Performance Boradband Mixers

API Technologies
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API Technologies' hybrid mixer product line (formerly Magnum Microwave) covers frequency ranges from 0.5 MHz to 26.5 GHz, in both double or triple balanced configurations. Available in many industry-standard surface mount, drop-in and connectorized housings, these mixers are ideal for high reliability applications.

Using a more complex RF structure, API Technologies’ Triple Balanced Mixers feature a pair of quad diode rings and balun structures on all three ports of the mixers. Choosing Triple Balanced Mixers provides wider operating frequency bandwidths, overlapping RF and IF frequency ranges, and higher available LO drive levels of up to +23 dBm. Operating at the higher LO drive results in higher input 1dB compression levels of +15 dBm and input 3rd order intercept points of +26 dBm. Video feedthru is significantly reduced as the balun structures exhibit high pass filter responses, stopping all low frequency signals.


• Dependable chip and wire topology offers repeatability under extreme conditions

• Quarter wavelength stubs to provide diode ground paths and optimize return loss

• Available in many industry standard surface mount, drop-in and connectorized housings

• High image suppression (33 dB) and low conversion loss (3.4 dB)

• Strict attention to the IF quadrature yields superior image suppression

• Available in both double or triple balanced configurations for broad frequency coverage