RF/Microwave High Power Amplifiers

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Wide bandwidth and high efficiency are not the only features offered in our full line of high power amplifiers. Utilizing both hybrid thick film and SMT technology, our power amplifiers draw from a wide range of leading edge semiconductors including: Silicon MOSFET, LDMOS, GaAs, GaN, and SiC. API Technologies exploits the benefits of innovative semiconductor technologies, paving the way toward increased power density and complexity while reducing the overall size of the amplifier. This translates to power amplifier solutions that are reliable, smaller, lighter, and more efficient. Prior to delivery, API Technologies performs 100% electrical testing on all power amplifiers to confirm compliance with the customer’s specification requirements.


• Operating frequencies to 26 GHz
• Broad range of output levels from 500mW to 1 kW
• Drivers and power amplifiers offered in class 'A,' 'AB' linear, and 'C' designs
• Void free die attach processes
• In-house chip and wire (hybrid) and SMT manufacturing
• Semiconductor technologies offered include GaN, MOSFET, Bipolar, LDMOS, GaAs MESFET, and GaAs pHEMT


• Broadband Jamming
• Electronic Warfare
• Pulsed Radar
• Military Communications
• PA Modules with Integrated PSU
• Transmitters
• Digital Control
• Satellite Links
• Test Equipment