Hermetically Sealed Threaded Case Filters

API Technologies
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Glass seal filters are used where a rugged, hermetically sealed filter is required. They consist of discoidal capacitors with or without ferrite sleeves or wound inductors in 1/4-28 or 5/16-24 threaded cases. Through the use of discoidal capacitors and wound inductors, high capacitance and inductance values can be achieved. Hermetically sealed filters provide very high EMI filtering performance. This series of filters features hermetic glass seals and high EMI filtering performance. They are excellent for critical applications that demand high reliability in the toughest environmental conditions and provide broadband high performance EMI filtering from 10 KHz to over 10 GHz.


• Popular .375", .410" and .690" case diameters
• Voltage ratings from 50 VDC to 400 VDC/240 VAC, 400 Hz
• Filter configurations available: C, L, Pi, T and double T
• MIL-F-15733 and MIL-F-28861 QPL filters available