Miniature 9900 Series Filter

API Technologies

API Technologies' Spectrum Control 9900series EMI/RFI is a low pass filter that can be traditionally soldered in orcan be installed without soldering

The solder-in filter has a hermetic seal on one end for through-hole sealing. It has wide cap values from 5pF to .030µF. The filter also conforms to military specification MIL-PRF-28861, which requires an installation temperature of 300°C.

The mini-press filter requires no soldering. It has a knurled filter design and a capacitance up to 30,000pF. The voltage ratings are up to 200VDC, and the filter has a 5A current rating. 


  • Microcircuit Packages
  • DROs
  • Amplifiers
    • Low Noise
    • YIG Oscillators
    • RF/Microwave