PSM & SSM Surface Mount EMI Filters

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PSM series filters are the first surface mount components to effectively filter EMI/RFI on printed circuit boards operating at currents up to 20A. SSM series filters lend themselves for mounting on densely populated circuit boards where currents of 10A or less are desired. By eliminating the need to use conventional through-hole filters at these higher currents, it will be possible to create an “RF fence” without expensive RFI bulkheads. SSM & PSM filters can be installed with pick and place equipment, providing time and cost savings compared to installing thru-hole filters.


• High current up to 10A (SSM) and 20A (PSM)
• High temperature construction
• Excellent high frequency noise suppression
• Capacitance values up to 2,000pF (SSM) and 10,000pF (PSM)
• Superior performance in GHz applications
• Square mechanical geometry enhances SMT soldering


• Power amplifiers
• High current bus lines
• Switching power supplies
• Signal and data lines in electronic equipment