Spec Spin Threaded Miniature EMI Spanner Filter

API Technologies
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API Technologies' Spectrum Control Brand Products introduces the new space saving #2-56 threaded miniature EMI spanner filter. This new threaded filter is designed without a hex and does not require soldering for installation. These features make it an excellent selection for applications that require many lines to be filtered in close proximity. The easy swap out also allows for flexibility in filter replacement and capacitance substitution. Easy filter substitution also allows for flexibility in filter placement. Custom design queries are always welcome. Spectrum Control’s spanner filter offers superior insertion loss over a broad frequency range when compared to surface mount components. The filter is available in capacitance values up to 10,000 pF, and is featured in a microcircuit package used in microwave applications.


• Operating Temperature: -55°C to +125°C
• Voltage Rating: 50VDC
• Current Rating: 5A
• Effective Filtering from 1MHz to 10GHz
• Capacitance to 10,000pF


• Frequency Synthesizers
• Power Amplifiers
• MMW Radio
• Attenuators
• Oscillators