Power Line Filters

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Appliance Filter - P/N: 62-AFC, 62-AFL, 62-ARC, 62-ARL Series

Plastic Case with Fast-on Tabs - P/N: 62-PPF, 62-PPR, 62-PQF, 62-PQR, 62-PRF, 62-PRR Series

Metal Case with Wire Leads - P/N: 62-LML Series

Metal Case with Fast-on Tabs or Wire Leads - P/N: 12-PMF, 62-PML Series

Power Line Filter with Fast-on Tabs DC-High Current - P/N: 12-PMF Series

Metal Case with Bolt-on Terminals Dual Case - P/N: 12-MMB Series

Dual Stage - P/N: 12-MMB, 12-MMF Series


  • Designed to perform in industrial environments
  • Available with fast-on, bolt-in terminals or wire leads
  • Single stage and dual stage
  • High performance in both metal and plastic cases
  • Ideally suited for products that must conform to FCC part 15 regulations
  • Excellent attenuation for high voltage impulse


  • Digital equipment
  • Computers and peripherals
  • Measuring instruments
  • Medical equipment
  • Equipment requiring very high impulse attenuation
  • Factory automation equipment
  • Industrial equipment such as UPS, inverters and converters
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Office automation equipment, such as copy and fax machines


Datasheet (PDF)