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API Technologies' Spectrum Control Brand Products provides MIL-PRF-49470 qualified, case codes 3, 4 and 5 QPL products, in addition to a full range of commercial, custom, and DSCC 87106 SMPS capacitor assemblies. SMPS stacked capacitor assemblies offer excellent ESR and ESL characteristics compared to electrolytic and film capacitor options and are the capacitor of choice for input / output filtering of high frequency, high current and high voltage switch mode power supplies.  The MIL-PRF-49470 version was developed as a replacement for DSCC 87106 and DSCC 88011 designs and provides an enhanced level of quality assurance not required by those DSCC drawings. Those benefits would include a formal qualification process (QPL established), routine qualification retention testing and a Group A percent defective allowed limitation. 


• QPL product and high reliability testing conforming to Mil-PRF-49470
• Industry recognized DSCC 87106 product
• High power and voltage capability - up to 2000VDC
• Low ESR / ESL designs
• Reduced real estate demands and component count
• Operating temperature range of -55C to 125C
• Custom lead-frame attachments and cap assemblies available
• Laser marking and custom packaging available to meet end user needs


  • DC-DC Power Supply