50V SMD Tantalum Polymer Capacitor

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AVX Corp. has expanded its TCJ SMD polymer tantalum capacitor series to include the industry's first 1µF/50V and 10µF/35V device. The TCJ Series polymer capacitors are suitable for continuous operation with just 20% voltage derating. The TCJ Series 50V range extension meets the demands of DC/DC converter applications that supply circuits in LCD TVs, base stations, rectifiers, switching hubs, routers, line filters, and LED power drivers in PC monitors and new LED-technology TVs.  The tantalum capacitors with conductive polymers are more stable with ambient temperature and applied voltage when compared to multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). Polymer tantalum capacitors offer several additional intrinsic benefits, such as withstanding high ripple currents and providing low ESR values. The TCJ Series polymer tantalum capacitors are RoHS-compliant and contain no halogens. In addition, the conductive polymer cathode is inherently low oxygen bearing and thus helps provide a reduced ignition failure mode unlike other tantalum technology capacitor.



  • SMD = Small Size, Fast Pick & Place Ready
  • Recommended Maximum Operation Voltage up to 40V with 20% Derating up to 85°C
  • 3x Reflow 260°C & RoHS Compatible
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 105°C
  • Lead-free Pure Tin Plated Terminals
  • First 50V SMD Tantalum Polymer Capacitor in the Market - No direct competition
  • Extends Range of Application Voltage up to 40V
  • Offers Combination of Low ESR, High Robustness and High Operation Voltage


  • LED Drivers in Notebook PCs, LED TV, Power Supplies in LCD TV all Welcome Increase of Operating Voltage