Ceramic Resonators (SMD)

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Surface mount device (SMD) ceramic resonators can oscillate without external load capacitors in extremely short rise-time. So, unlike crystal resonators, the oscillation circuit is not required to be adjusted in the design stage. Smaller case sizes are available when compared to crystal resonators in most cases. So, ceramic resonators save time, space, and cost over crystal solutions. Consumer grade works at -40 to 85dC, while Automotive grade operates from -40 to 125 or 150dC.

• Consumer PBRC-H / Automotive PBRV-H: 7.4 x 3.4 x 2.0mm / 2.00 ~ 20.00 MHz
• Consumer PBRC-M / Automotive PBRV-M: 4.5 x 2.0 x 1.2mm / 4.00 ~ 20.00 MHz
• Consumer PRQC-C / Automotive PRQV-C: 3.2 x 1.3 x 1.3mm / 8.00 ~ 20.00 MHz


• High reliability chip resonator with high temperature withstanding ceramic case
• Chip resonator can be reflow soldered and washed
• Ultra-miniature size is suitable for compact equipment high mounting density
• Excellent frequency stability
• Low profile
• Reflow solderable
• Excellent solderability
• AEC-Q200 compliant (PBRV-MR and PRQV-CR Series)


• Car accessories
• Camcorders
• Digital cameras
• PDAs
• PC peripherals