FFV3 Medium Power, DC Filtering Film Capacitors

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The FFV3 series uses a non-impregnated polypropylene or polyester dielectric with a controlled, self-healing process that is specially treated to have a very high dielectric strength in operating conditions up to 105 degrees C. The polyester dielectric version of this series carries rated DC voltages of 75-400V, with the polypropylene covering voltage ratings of 500 to 1,100V. Both versions carry a Max Stray Inductance of 15nH and 10% cap tolerance.

AVX's FFV3 medium power series was designed specifically to for DC filtering, low reactive power applications. One unique feature of this technology (as opposed to electrolytics) is how the capacitor reacts at the end of its life-time. Electrolytics carry a strong risk of explosion of the case. However, with this line of film capacitors, the capacitor simply loses about 2% of its capacitance at the end of its life and continues to be functional even after this decrease.


• Controlled self healing design provides long lifetime and fail-safe operation
• Covers a wide spectrum of voltages (75 to 1100Vdc)
• Can handle multiple voltage surges of up to twice the rated voltage without decreased product lifetime
• Operate to 105 Degrees C
• Two dielectric options
• Can replace banks of electrolytics


• Low reactive power DC filtering
• Inverters
• Power suppliers
• Motors/Drives
• Electric utilities
• Induction heating
• Hybrid applications