GX Series, Ultra Broadband Capacitors

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The GX UBC is sold as a 16VDC device, however if used in military applications or in apps where 125 degrees C is the max temperature it must be de-rated to 10VDC. Depending on if the part is used as 10 or 16 VDC it has different temperature coefficients and can act as a X5R or X7S dielectric solution - the coefficient is +/- 15% and X5R as a 16VDC versus +/- 22% and X7S in 10VDC. This flexibility allows one part number to cover an extensive range of requirements, needs, and applications.

The GX Ultra-Broadband Capacitor was specifically developed to address to DC blocking issues from ~16KHz to 40GHz. Using AVX's patented precision thin-film termination process, this part is designed to be completely orientation insensitive. The GX features an EIA standard 0402 footprint to minimize board space requirements.


• Ultra-Broadband performance
• Ultra-Low Insertion Loss
• X5R & X7R Characteristics
• Excellent Return Loss


•Signal Integrity applications:
     ◦ Storage Area Networks
     ◦ Data Communications
     ◦ Telecommunication Networks
     ◦ Test Equipment Market
     ◦ Receiver Optical Sub-Assemblies