Miniature 0201 Multilayer Varistor

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AVX 0201 Multi-Layer Varistors are designed for circuits where board space is a premium. 0201 MLV offer bi-directional ESD protection in the smallest package available today. The added advantage is EMI/RFI attenuation. 0201 MLV can replace 2 diodes and the EMC capacitor for a one chip solution. The miniature size and one chip solution team to offer designers the best in ESD protection and EMI filtering in one ultra compact device.


  • Capacitance 15pF to 150pF
  • Low VB Version
  • Bi-Directional protection
  • Fastest response time to ESD strikes
  • Multi-strike capability
  • Ultra compact 0201 case size


  • Cell phone
  • PDA
  • Camera modules
  • Embedded components
  • Hearing aid
  • Any circuit with space constraints