Accu-Guard® II Low Current Miniature 0603 Thin Film Fuse

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The Accu-Guard II Low Current Series offers the most accurate precision fuses in the lowest current ratings and smallest case sizes on the market. Ideal for demanding portable electronic devices, the highly reliable 0603 Accu-Guard II Low Current Series is half the size of comparable low current circuit protection products. The Accu-Guard® II Low Current Series includes 200mA, 150mA, 125mA, 100mA, 75mA, 62.5mA and 50mA versions in a 0603 package. The miniature 0603 low current fuse utilizes thin film and land grid array (LGA) technologies to enable precise control of the component’s electrical and physical characteristics, which is not possible with standard fuse technologies.

The miniature 0603 Accu-Guard Low Current Series features a fusing resistance >1MW. Its nickel solder coating is compatible with automatic soldering technologies.


  • Miniature 0402 & 0603 Package
  • 50mA to 200mA Current Rating
  • LGA Terminiation Scheme
  • Color Coded
  • Smallest Low Current Fuses Available
  • Extremely Accurate Current Ratings
  • RoHS Compliant
  • UL Approval: E141069


  • Cell phones
  • PDAs
  • Two-way radios
  • Video and digital cameras
  • Hard disk drives
  • Computers
  • Battery chargers and rechargeable battery packs
  • LCD screens
  • Instrumentation