SSL Board-to-Board Connectors

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The 9159 series of Board-to-Board series allows for end-to-end mating of two PCB's, creating strips of LED lighting. Designed for the unique Sold State Lighting (SSL) market requiring coplanar PCB mating with a 5 Amp current rating in the smallest package available, these single sided SMT connectors are perfect for FR4 or metal boards where minimal separation is needed.

The 9159 series is available in either a 1 piece card edge solution or as a 2 piece plug and socket system. The 1 piece solution is designed for 1.6mm PCBs and used to daisy-chain multiple LED boards together. The 2 piece solution is available in 2p-6p, while the card edge solution can be offered in 2-5 way sizes. It features a 3mm pitch AND height and 5.5mm overall mated length to maximize miniaturization.


  • Provide simple, direct connection between PCB boards
  • Allows for easy assembly and low overall installed costs
  • Connects and number of PCBs in a series
  • Can support a variety of applications, including LED strip lighting


  • Coplanar PCB mating in SSL products
  • LED linear lighting strips