TBJ Series COTS Plus SRC9000 Tantalums

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The TBJ COTS-Plus –SRC9000 series has been refined to incorporate only those commercially up-screened ratings which have been deemed suitable for mission critical and space level applications.

These capacitors have a more conservative design approach when compared to other upscreened components utilizing established CV powders and higher dielectric formation ratios. The DCL is typically 25% lower while still offering aggressive ESR values. Currently there are 5 case sizes available with a 6th in development to expand the maximum capacitance available in a given voltage range.

These ratings are available with Weibull grading (B and C), surge current testing MIL-PRF- 55365 Rev. G (A, B, C), optional Group A from MIL-PRF-55365, and the extensive SRC9000 space level screening.

The TBJ “E” case size components are considered to be MSL 3 in accordance with J-STD-020.