High Temperature Tantalum with Extension to 200ºC (THJ Series)

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AVX Corporation has developed a SMD solid tantalum capacitor that delivers 1000 hours of continuous operation at 200°C with derating. Designated the THJ 200C SMD series, the tantalum capacitor is based on a unique design, distinct manufacturing processes and special ageing techniques, which guarantees high-temperature performance for a variety of harsh environment applications, such as oil and gas drilling, aerospace, defense and automotive.

The capacitors are initially available in two E-case sizes: E 220µF rated at 10V for 3V rail application at 200°C and E 100µF rated at 16V for 5V ail application at 200C, The THJ 200C SMD tantalum capacitors feature a small surface mount package that lends itself to fast pick and place assembly techniques and a negative temperature coefficient that ensures no localised heating occurs in the capacitor, thus avoiding thermal runaway and iltimately destruction or operational degredation of the device.

Gold plated termination for hybrid assembly is provided as conventional tin/tin-lead finished terminations have melting points that are to low for reliable operation at 200°C. Long operatinglife is also a key attribute, as the capacitor features a leakage current of less than 1mA after 1000 hours of operation at 200°C. All the THJ 200°C capacitors are designed to withstand a 3x reflow soldering process at 260°C and are RoHS compatible.


  • SMD 200ºC tantalum capacitor
  • 200°C @ 0.33VR 1000hrs continuous operation
  • Leakage current after 200ºC 1000hrs less than 1mA
  • 3x reflow 260°C
  • Gold plated termination for hybrid assembly


  • Oil drilling
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive