PulseCap Tantalums (TLN Series)

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TLN PulseCap Tantalum Capacitors offer a low profile and high capacitance solution for applications where boosting power is required together with a need for reduced height. This product utilizes AVX's unique, under-tab technology for high volumetric efficiency in all applications where bulk capacitance is needed to boost transmitter power.

The TLN PulseCap series offers both a large case size for maximum capacitance and a low profile height solution. This product offers a capacitance range of up to 3,300 uF in 4V or 2,200 uF in 6V. A 10V solution is also available up to 1,500 uF. The PulseCap is RoHS compliant and meets the requirements of AEC-Q200.


  • Large case size for maximum capacitance
  • 3X reflow 260 C compatible
  • Low profile solution
  • Perfect for USB wireless solutions/readers/PCMCIA cards, etc.
  • CV range of 1000-3300uF/ 4-10V
  • 2 case sizes available
  • 2.0mm profile cases
  • Meets requirements of AEC-Q200


  • USB Wireless Express Cards
  • PCMCIA cards
  • Smart Meters