Turbocap Capacitor

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Turbocap is a very high cap value device that features an extremely small footprint with cap values up to 220uf. All parts are available in surface mount (J or L leads) and thru-hole. Since these are ceramic devices, they all exhibit ultra low ESR (in some cases below 2 milliohms), very low ESL and excellent power handling capabilities. Expanding on the three initial values, AVX has added 12 new values and have several more in development. The physical size of the part is smaller than a penny, yet offers cap values of 220uf @ 25V or 47uf @ 100V. Applications will range from high-end DC/DC converters to general power supplies, telecom networks, snubbers and more. In some cases, the Turbocap can replace several components (such as AL-EL, tantalum or other devices) and achieve better performance and a smaller overall footprint. 


  • Large cap values, great power handling
  • Ultra low ESR/ESL
  • Single digit ESR (super efficient)
  • Very high current handling capability
  • More options regarding styles, voltages, & ranges
  • Very wide operating temperature: -55°C to +125°C (230˚C in development)
  • Automated lead frame attachment assembly process
  • Requires less board space (miniaturization)
  • Largest case size smaller than a penny
  • Electrical performance curves included in SPICALCI 5 (download from www.avx.com)


  • Power supplies
  • Telecom (PoE, backplanes)
  • Industrial motor controls
  • DC/DC Converters
  • Hybrid automotive
  • Replacing bulk AL-EL
  • Smoothing circuits
  • Snubbers