Ultra-low Capacitance 0603 Automotive Multilayer Varistor

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AVX has expanded is automotive multilayer varistor (MLV) product offering to include an ultra-low capacitance 0603 device that provides sub-1nS response to ESD strikes. The AEC Q200-qualified Automotive AntennaGuard Series MLV devices deliver low insertion loss, low leakage current and unsurpassed reliability compared to diode options. These features, combined with size advantages and bi-directional protection, make the AntennaGuard Series ideal for automotive applications, including RF circuits, sensors, GPS antenna and high-speed signal transmission lines.

The AntennaGuard MLV Series offers the fastest ESD response of any multilayer varistor on the market today. The AntennaGuard Series also minimizes the parasitic capacitance and signal distortion, maximizing the signal strength and speed. Meeting 27.5Vdc “jump start” requirements, the AntennaGuard MLV Series provides an ESD rating of 25kV. The low profile 0603 MLV features a fast response time to ESD and can withstand successive 1k strikes at 8kV (IEC 61000–4-2).


  • High Reliability
  • Board space savings
  • AEC Q200 qualified
  • Meets jump start 27.5V 5min.
  • EMI/RFI attenuation in off-state
  • Compact 0402 footprint
  • Sub 1ns turn on time


  • CAN based modules
  • Sensors
  • Miniature CAN based nodes